Our Technology

FESEM Micrograph of nanofibrous scaffold

FESEM Micrograph of nanofibrous scaffold

First developed by the Division of Bioengineering and Department of Mechanical Engineering at NUS, the technology at Clearbridge NanoMedics is based on nanofibres consisting made from bio-resorbable and bio-compatible polymers. With its excellent mechanical, physical and chemical properties, these nanofibres are suitable for a wide range of medical applications.

Clearbridge NanoMedics is developing various high-surface contact area, ultra-pliable, time-release, leave-on nanofibre meshes. The nature of the nanofibres mesh gives it an ultra-high surface contact area due to the extremely fine nature of the nanofibres. Apart from ensuring better conformity to the skin's surface, the extremely pliable nature of the nanofibre mesh makes it ideal for contouring and its ultra-thinness allows it to be comfortably worn and adhered to human skin at length. The potential applications for these nanofibre meshes are wide, ranging from extended-wear facial masks, anti-ageing treatment stickers or dermal patches for burns or difficult wounds.

There is also the potential to control individual fibre strand properties. Our work has demonstrated that these nanofibres can also be made to encapsulate collagen or other skin-enhancing ingredients. We have also worked on time-release mesh properties, which allow nourishing compounds such as vitamins, sunscreen or other desirable ingredients and drugs to be continuously delivered directly to the skin at an optimum rate or dosage.

The Clearbridge NanoMedics team intends to develop products for advanced wound care and drug delivery application based on the patented underlying technologies. Coupled with an inhouse production facility and close relationships with key industry players, we work towards delivering nanomaterials of consistently superior quality.

We are in developmental mode at the moment, and will update more shortly when appropriate.